About Us
      Go M.A.D. Fitness, 975 S Monroe St. Monroe, MI 48161  734-241-6130
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Our approach at Go M.A.D. Fitness is different than most. We actually want to
know why you came in and how we can help you.  The key to your success is
support, so we make your goals our primary concern.  Together, we can create
a plan to help you achieve a stronger, healthier you.  If you have a need we will
have a solution at Go M.A.D. Fitness.

Go M.A.D. Fitness has a passion for community involvement.  We offer wellness
programs for companies of all sizes.  Healthy employees have less sick time,
better insurance prices and a happier disposition.   Get your staff on the right
track today.

Go M.A.D. is committed to youth, the future of tomorrow.  The childhood obesity
epidemic is out of control and we want to help.  Go M.A.D. Fitness will offer kid
programs and workouts throughout the year.  We will also work with the school
systems to provide seminars, speeches, and demonstrations.  We are dedicated
to showing children that exercise can be fun!

Go M.A.D. Fitness is determined to make a difference inside and outside of the
facility.  When you join, you will receive a black Go M.A.D wrist band to remind
you that you always have the chance to make a difference.  Whether you are 8,
18 or 80, we are the premier facility for you as we can help everyone reach their
fitness goals.

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